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Year 2

Term 3

In art we have been creating shapes using cutting skills and making a collage.

In Maths this week we are looking at multiplication.

We have completed tasks using our 2's, 5's and 10 times tables 

Today we sequenced the story of "The Dragon Machine."

We are also starting to think about innovating the story. We discussed our ideas as a group. 

In Geography this term we are comparing the UK to a non European country

We looked at Kenya and the city Mombasa. 

We found lots of different facts about this country and shared them in teams. 

In RE this term we are looking at Judaism. We looked at a Seder plate and had an opportunity to taste the different foods that they place on the plate. 

This week in Maths we have used arrays to help us with our 2x tables. 


In Maths this week we have looked and recognised equal amounts and then had a go at making our own equal amounts. 

Today we looked at our new book "The Dragon Machine."

Mrs Martin told us that she had seen Dragons around the school. We were all very excited so decided to go on a Dragon hunt. We used our positional language to explain where we had found the Dragons. They were everywhere!

We found them under the mat, on top of the piano, inside the box, beside the window and many other places. 

What fun we had!

Term 2

We have all nearly danced till we dropped at our Year 2 Christmas party. 

We ate party food and had lots of fun. 

We had a great morning at our steel pan drum workshop. We worked together to learn a beat and then a tune using the steel pan drums. 

We had so much fun in design and Technology this term. We thought about which materials were best to make a Christmas decoration. We then used our sewing skills to join the material together. Finally we decorated them and will hang them on our Christmas trees at home. 

This week we have been very busy rehearsing our Christmas Performance, and the children have been amazing! They have only had ONE WEEK to practice and they have been incredible at remembering their speaking parts, dances and songs! We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday afternoon. 


What a fantastic day Year 2 had at the museum. We enjoyed many different workshops and had a look around the lovely museum. 


In English this week we have acted out parts of our new story "The Magic Porridge Pot" 

We have written what we like and dislike about the book and have asked some questions about the characters. 

Today we enjoyed a special treat for all reading at home. We had a delicious donut that we ate at playtime. We also had extra play for winning 100% attendance last week. 

What a great day we had!

Today we have had a visit from the fire service. We looked at their fire engine and even had a chance to use the fire hose. Mrs Robinson was very excited to have a turn because her son has applied to be a fire fighter. 

After we looked at the features of the fire engine, We had a talk about fire safety and looked at the protective clothing they wear and equipment they use. 

Year two took part in an anti-bullying session. We discussed what it means to be a kind and caring member of the class. The children were very keen to share their ideas and knew exactly what to do if them or a friend were upset due to unkindness. Finally, we made posters to show we know how to be kind. 

In Maths this week we are subtracting two, 2 digit numbers. We have used the base 10 as our representation. 

We have investigated 3D shapes and their properties. 

In DT this week we have been looking at different materials and discussing which material would be best to make a Christmas decoration. We also thought about what we would use to join the materials together.

We have made Diya lamps to celebrate Diwali. It was fun working with clay and decorating our lamps. Diya lamps are used to celebrate the festival of light. 

In Maths today we have used the Diennes to add 2, two digit numbers together without crossing ten. 

Today we have retold the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and added actions. 


In English we have looked at fact and fiction statements and put them in the right place. We have looked at a range of fact and fiction books. 

In Jigsaw we have worked with different friends today and talked about how we can help each other and things we have in common. We have reminded each other of our classroom charter and our promise to follow it. 

Today we have looked at words to describe our Wolf character. We discussed what some of these words mean. 

In Maths we are looking at our number bonds to 20 

We have been introduced to our new class book. Wolves by Emily Gravett"

Today we have talked about the parts we like and the parts we did not like. 

Nicholas said he didn't like when the page went red because he thought the rabbit had been eaten. Freya liked the part when the Wolf was a vegetarian and ate a jam sandwich. 

In Maths we have been counting in our 2's, 5's, and 10's. We have used lots of different equipment to help us. 

We have been finding out all about compass' and the job they do. We went around the class in partners and tried to find where north was using our compass.

In English today we have looked at our new story "Peter and the Wolf"

We have looked at a story map and will be practicing actions to go with the story. 

Jigsaw Joe helped us today to think of consequences to behaviours that can be an obstacle to our learning.

We also talked about the wonderful rewards and celebrations we have had. 

We had a very special assembly and got to meet a gold medalist. The medal was very shiny and heavy. We were very lucky we got to hold the medal.

We have looked at rewards and consequences today in Jigsaw. Mrs Palfrey told us about the time she recieved swimming badges that her Mummy proudly sewed onto her costume. She told us how hard she worked and how proud she was. 

The children shared their experiences of rewardssmiley and concequences. sad


The good news is... ALL of our lovely year two's have recieved many rewards at school and home and only a few consequences. heart

Today in English we made porridge. We discussed what we needed to do and we will be writing a set of instructions to show people how to make porridge. We have all been given a sachet of porridge to take home and have a go at making it with a grown up. 

Lillie- said "yum,yum,yum"

Tiger-lily said " delicious"

George and Wynter however thought it was disgusting!! 



We had so much fun asking questions to Goldilocks. We laughed a lot as Mrs Robinson pretended to be Goldilocks. We asked where her red shoes went?, Why she ate baby bear's porridge?, what did the porridge taste like?


In Maths we are looking at representing numbers to 100.

In English we are sequencing the story of Goldilocks and the three bears and retelling the story in our own words. 

We are remembering to use the language First, Next, After that, Then and Finally.

What a busy start to our new term!

We have all discussed our worries in Jigsaw. We met Jigsaw Joe and we sent our imaginary balloons full of our worries into the sky. We all agreed that we felt much better.

In English we are looking at the story Goldilocks and the 3 bears. 

We have discussed the book in our group, made predictions and asked questions. 

In phonics we are using our grapheme charts to recognise the sounds we are learning. We are also writing our sight words.

In Maths we are looking at place value. We have used our tens frames and diennes to help us. We have also counted on and counted back with Mrs Robinson outside. 

Today we started off our Maths lesson by dancing and singing along to super movers. We all love this activity in Year 2.

In design and Technology we have looked at different materials and predicted whether they would sink or float.