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Year 2

In English today we have looked at our new story "Peter and the Wolf"

We have looked at a story map and will be practicing actions to go with the story. 

Jigsaw Joe helped us today to think of consequences to behaviours that can be an obstacle to our learning.

We also talked about the wonderful rewards and celebrations we have had. 

We had a very special assembly and got to meet a gold medalist. The medal was very shiny and heavy. We were very lucky we got to hold the medal.

We have looked at rewards and consequences today in Jigsaw. Mrs Palfrey told us about the time she recieved swimming badges that her Mummy proudly sewed onto her costume. She told us how hard she worked and how proud she was. 

The children shared their experiences of rewardssmiley and concequences. sad


The good news is... ALL of our lovely year two's have recieved many rewards at school and home and only a few consequences. heart

Today in English we made porridge. We discussed what we needed to do and we will be writing a set of instructions to show people how to make porridge. We have all been given a sachet of porridge to take home and have a go at making it with a grown up. 

Lillie- said "yum,yum,yum"

Tiger-lily said " delicious"

George and Wynter however thought it was disgusting!! 



We had so much fun asking questions to Goldilocks. We laughed a lot as Mrs Robinson pretended to be Goldilocks. We asked where her red shoes went?, Why she ate baby bear's porridge?, what did the porridge taste like?


In Maths we are looking at representing numbers to 100.

In English we are sequencing the story of Goldilocks and the three bears and retelling the story in our own words. 

We are remembering to use the language First, Next, After that, Then and Finally.

What a busy start to our new term!

We have all discussed our worries in Jigsaw. We met Jigsaw Joe and we sent our imaginary balloons full of our worries into the sky. We all agreed that we felt much better.

In English we are looking at the story Goldilocks and the 3 bears. 

We have discussed the book in our group, made predictions and asked questions. 

In phonics we are using our grapheme charts to recognise the sounds we are learning. We are also writing our sight words.

In Maths we are looking at place value. We have used our tens frames and diennes to help us. We have also counted on and counted back with Mrs Robinson outside. 

Today we started off our Maths lesson by dancing and singing along to super movers. We all love this activity in Year 2.

In design and Technology we have looked at different materials and predicted whether they would sink or float.