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Year 2


Miss Pring, Mrs Palfrey and Mrs Torrington are looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

Term 1

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Today in science we looked at items that were alive, non living and dead.

We sorted them into different categories and the children gave fantastic sentences to prove their findings.


In Maths we investigated different ways to partition 2 digit numbers. Charlie and Rio blew our socks off as they found so many different ways and shared them with their group.

In Maths we have looked at place value and used the Diennes to show the value of a number.

This week we have been introduced and sang along to super movers. The children had lots of fun and this will help them to learn their number bonds.

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We had so much fun carefully sketching the fruit from the book Handa's Surprise. Miss Pring was very impressed with our artistic ability. 

Yesterday we kicked off our enquiry with our "WOW"

We read Handa's surprise and got to taste some delicious fruits including passion fruit and mango. 

The children generated some amazing adjectives while tasting the fruits. 

What an exciting start to Year 2. We started off by all thinking of a worry that we might have. We discussed our worries and found out ways we can solve them. Miss Pring gave everyone a ball and we imagined they were our worries. In small groups, we chucked our worries away. The children said they felt better after completing this activity. 

We are super excited about our new reading initiative in Year 2. 

Everyday a different child will be chosen to be the 

"Random Reader"

That child will choose a book and collect the bell from the desk. 

At any point in the day the child can ring the bell and we all have to STOP!. an adult in the class will then read the book to the class.

How cool is that!

the word in the corridors is that other classes have heard and are introducing this into their classes. 

We have had our first "Reading Rainbow session this morning. The children worked well in a small group and answered questions fantastically. 


In English this morning, we have looked at a book called


Miss Pring asked us to look at the front cover and try to imagine what the book is about. The children's ideas were fantastic. We then had to write simple sentences in our books about pictures we were given. The challenge was to add adjectives in our sentences.

We have had a fabulous "mind up" session today.

We recapped over the different parts of the brain and tried to share examples of when we would use the different parts.

Alphonso said that his pre- frontal cortex would help him with his writing.

Bradley said that he would use his hippocampus to remember the past and his memories when he was little.

Mia  said her amygdala would help her to calm down if she was angry.


Try these website at home!