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Mindfulness For The Whole Family

Mindfulness activities

Make sure to have 2 brain breaks a day to keep your mind focused and reflect on how you are feeling. Below is a link to some mindfulness activities for you to complete. There is a whole section on mindful movement which gives you physical activities around balancing that you can do at home. Try some of these activities with your parents and carers. Take a photo or video and send it the school email address. 


Message from Mind- up  


We have created some free MindUP resources that can be accessed from any device and printed.


We have also created a MindUP for Families page where parents/carers can learn about MindUP, find activities for the whole family and mindful practices for themselves to do during this stressful period.





Listen to Uz, one of our MindUP Consultants, guide you through a Brain Break . The link below has an audio clip for you to use as an example.  Teaching children to focus on and control their breathing can help them become less reactive and more reflective when feeling anxious or stressed. The more controlled breathing is practised, the more calm and mindful they can become.




Mindful eating 


  • Avoid screens at the table.
  • Sit down and eat together.
  • Teach table manners.
  • Talk about what they are eating and how their bellies feel.
  • Avoid eating on the go or in the car.



Healthy Food Recipes

 Make sure to drink lots of water and to make sure to eat healthy foods to promote a healthy mind. 

 We will be positing a new recipe for each week for you to try at home. 

Make sure to take pictures and use the mindful eating techniques mentioned above- send to your class email addresses. 

Try the link below for some exciting recipes you can make at home.


A Jigsaw gift…for families

Have a look at some of these resources to support PSHE lessons. There are downloadable stories and audio links to help with calming techniques to prepare for brain breaks. 


Share the link:

Password: Home


Jigsaw Family Stories and Calm Me time audios

Jigsaw are giving away Family stories and Calm Me time audio on the home page of   

Challenge Sport and Education


Their 'Be Mindful' page provides videos and challenges to help you and your family be mindful at home.

Username and password are the same and provided in the table below. 

Year group Username/password
Reception reception
Year 1 year1
Year 2 year2
Year 3 year3
Year 4 year4
Year 5 year5
Year 6 year6