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P.E and Sport Premium

Primary School P.E and Sport Funding 


What is the purpose of the funding?


The Government has made available, to all schools, an annual sum of money that allows them to continue to develop sports provision within school and to help schools increase pupil participation in sporting activities. We recognise the contribution of PE to the health and wellbeing of our children. We also acknowledge that a broad, balanced, high quality curriculum and extra-curricular activities have a positive impact on concentration, attitude and achievement. 


What is our objective at Oldmixon?


To raise standards and participation in P.E across the school and the Extend Learning Academies Network that will enable children to develop a healthy lifestyle and participate in a range of sports to fulfil their potential.


What extra-curricular clubs do we offer?


At Oldmixon, we offer a range of extra-curricular sports activities for children to participate in, which are run by specialist sports coaches and are open to all children across the school. These include: multi-sports, Yoga, dance, football, netball, basketball, dodgeball, rounders, cricket, athletics, cross-country, badminton, gymnastics and tennis. We regularly review our range of clubs to ensure that the range of clubs available is meeting the children’s interests.


What do the children think about the provision at Oldmixon?


We asked the children what they think about the P.E provision since we have employed specialist coaches and they said:


“P.E is really good as we don’t just focus on certain sports; we try lots of different activities and ways of exercising”

“I enjoy gymnastics and the range of different activities we do, especially with our new equipment”

“P.E is really fun and the coaches are really supportive”

“P.E. is fun as we are allowed to use lots of different equipment like the vault and crash mat”




The percentage of children who can swim 25m using a range of strokes effectively: 

2021-2022: 69%

Water safety: 0%

2020-2021: 17%

Water safety: 4%

2019 - 2020: 75%

Water safety: 0% (cancelled due to covid-19 closure)

2018 - 2019: 93%

2018 - 2017: 53%

The national curriculum requirement is for children to be able to swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres using a range of strokes and have an awareness of water safety and also perform a range of water safety techniques. 


We attend swimming sessions at Hutton Moor leisure centre. Children in Year 6 attend swimming during terms 1 and 2. We then continue to send any children who have not passed their 25m in term 6 using our sports premium allocation. Our swimming results have dipped in the past two years due to COVID-19.