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Year 4

Year 4


Welcome to Year 4, our adults in our classroom are.

Class Teacher – Mrs Leggett                                       Teaching Assistant - Mrs Whybrow



Here you will see all our fun learning for this year! This term our topic is all about 


We will need our Trainers/Daps on a Monday and Thursday P.E.

Our homework and reading homework is given out on a Friday, to be returned on the following Thursday



YEAR 4        TERM 1      2021-2022

Year 4 enjoyed a fabulous afternoon at the forest this week, marking out our territory and searching for creatures. They made observational drawings and learnt how to identify an elm leaf.

Term 6

An overview of our learning for Term 6

Fun Day







Sewing Club

What an exciting time we have had in sewing club this term! The children have enjoyed learning new skills and have all shown resilience when things haven't gone quite as planned.

And they're off! Check out Oldmixon School Facebook page for more pictures of sports day 2021. It was amazing!

Sports Day practice

Gymnastics taster session


This term year 4 are taking part in workshops run by Bristol Bears. Outside, they are learning to play tag rugby. In the classroom, workshops focus on how to live healthily.


For their research, Year 4 observed, tasted, analysed and discussed a range of pre-packed sandwiches and wraps. Importantly, they assessed how they were packaged and how appealing they looked before considering the combination of ingredients.


What do we know about day, night and the seasons?


Using torches to represent the sun and balls for the Earth, we investigated by rotating the sphere and moving the light source.


We are investigators of living things

Year 4 explored at the environment of the school field, looking for things that were living and taking note of their habitats or microhabitats. Working scientifically, they thought of a variety of ways to record their findings: tables, bar graphs, descriptions, lists and labelled diagrams.

Term 5

Peer assessment and editing explanatory text writing.

Decimals investigation

Using only 3 counters our challenge was to make as many numbers as possible with the help of a tenths and hundredths place value grid. One person managed to get to make 14 numbers. Can you beat that?



In Year 4 this term we are learning to edit and write HTML and finding out about the internet and the World Wide Web . We had tremendous fun editing our school website and temporarily changing the headings by writing new HTML code. 

We love maths in year 4 and we loved dressing up for Numbers Day!


Using electrical components we constructed an electrical circuit, using a cell, wires and a light bulb in a holder.


Our day was full of French activities. Listening to French music, we drew some French food before sampling it and describing it. Of course, we learnt lots of French words and phrases, we will continue learning the language every week in year 4. Using the internet, we researched some famous French landmarks, both physical and human features of the country.

..............   EIFFEL TOWER CHALLENGE  .............

Class Pets 

This week, we welcomed our new class pets. To begin with, we weren't sure what they were, they were so small that we could hardly see them. These were some of our thoughts as we examined the miniscule black specks,


"I think they might be baby spiders."

"Could they be small frogs, are they going to grow?"

"They look like eggs, they will hatch out."

"How can they be alive?"

"Will we have to feed them?"


What do you think they could be?





Oldmixon school has been gifted 100 native British plants to create a pollinator and insect attracting area. Avon Wildlife Trust kindly donated them and gave us a virtual lesson about how to plant them. Year 4 rolled up their sleeves and got to work at planting an area outside of their classroom. It doesn't look like much at the moment but we are excited to watch this space grow.

Year 4 made dens in the forest this week. The weather was delightful. The sun was beaming through the new shoots on the trees and the birds were tweeting happily. Team work was a key skill for success.

Term 3

Performing for the Oldmixon Christmas Showcase.

Year 4 learnt sign language so they could perform "Joy to the World." Some of the children learnt to play the introduction on chime bars. It went really well. 



                  Oldmixon Santa Run and Christmas Jumper Day                           

Year 4 are proud of themselves for taking part and completing the entire course despite tricky running conditions and miserable weather.

Here are Year 4 filming adverts persuade people to buy sprouts this Christmas.

                                          Adding our baubles to the school Christmas tree.



Year 4 have been making use of ipads and laptops this week to progress their learning. Many of the programmes we use at school are available to them at home, such as SEESAW and ACTIVE LEARN (Bug Club and Power Maths). Children have their log in details and passwords for the apps and websites. For links to these sites click on the  Home Learning  tab.
Here are year 4 studying maps in geography. Our topic in humanities is The British Isles. We found out about scale and had a go at drawing an object to scale. 

Anti-Bullying Week

At Oldmixon this week we have focused on Anti-bullying, discussing what bullying is and the terrible effects it can have on people. On Monday we wore odd socks to draw attention to bullying and how we all have a part to play in stopping it. 

Our assembly this week was about bullying and how being kind can help -even to people we don't know. 

Year 4 raised money for BBC's Children in Need campaign by dressing up in spots and making a donation. Highlights of the day included eating spotty cakes and cookies at break as well as watching the Children in Need duck race.


We have been remembering those who lost their lives in the First World War. Here are a selection of poems displayed alongside the poppies we painted using watercolours.


Following instructions and managing our equipment were skills that we have been working hard to improve. We had a chance to see how well we were doing on an independence and resilience day. At the end of a hard day's work we chose from a selection of "take 5" relaxation activities.


Year 4 are continuing to focus on their independent learning skills and building their resilience. They have been making good use of their checklists, charts and classroom displays to move their learning on. 

As usual, science was interesting and challenging this week. The investigation was to observe that some materials change state when the temperature changes. We worked scientifically; made predictions, observations and evaluations about melting solids, recording our results about melting ice in a histogram.
In Design Technology (DT) we are working towards designing a page for a young child's book. We will be using a mechanism to make the book more attractive and the story come to life. Here are some of our ideas for using a pivot and lever.
Here we are practicing our scientific enquiry skills. We were given toothpaste, cotton wool, shaving cream and cous cous. Our challenge was to identify solids, liquids and gases, applying our knowledge to sort them into a Venn diagram.

English - Take a look at what we will be learning this year!