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Year 4

          WELCOME to YEAR 4      


                                                                 Mrs Leggett 

  Mrs Whybrow       Mr Thomas  


Week 3


Dressed up as scientists, we embarked on a WOW day of discovery and wonder. To begin with we experimented by adding water to cornflour. Here are some of our observations and explanations about what happened;


It was so stiff it made the spoon break. When you leave the mixture it changes. It is partly solid, partly liquid. It is so smelly. It looks like liquid but it is not. Solids are hard. It dries on your hands. When you leave it it goes as hard as rock. It went hard when you touched it. 

Picture 1
This week, the marshmallow challenge was a lot of fun as well as a chance to practice our team work skills.
Picture 1
Picture 1
end of yea                                                r

In maths we have been continuing our learning journey on rounding. Have a go at this rocket rounding game to check your learning.










In maths we are getting better and better at our times tables. Using this website is a lot of fun. 

It is completely free and easy to use. Why not have a go at home?