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Physical Development.


In Nursery we encourage and help develop the children's fine motor and gross motor skills.

We have a finger gym station permanently in the room where we offer interesting and exciting fine motor activities for the children to access independently.

These activities play an important part in the first step of your child's writing journey. They help to strengthen all the muscles in their hands as well as develop their pincer grip.

Developing the muscles in their hands also enable the children to perform important tasks independently like feeding themselves, buttoning and zipping clothes, grasping objects and painting/mark making.

Below are some of the finger gym activities we do.yes





By encouraging and developing your child's gross motor skills it will help your child to gain strength, balance, coordination and confidence within their body.

It is also important for your child to have regular exercise so that they have a healthy lifestyle. In Nursery we have regular yoga sessions, use the large climbing equipment outside and take part in many music and movement games/activities.

The children have opportunities to use balance bikes, trikes and scooters. We have a range of items that the children can access themselves such as balls, bats, hoops, beanbags, dancing ribbons and stilts.

Below are some of the gross motor activities we do.smiley





If you would like any support or guidance with your child's development then please come and speak to a member of staff.