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Curriculum Rationale


At Oldmixon Primary School, we are proud to offer an innovative, exciting and rigorous curriculum which enables every child to succeed. It equips them, not only with the core skills in English and Maths, but enables them to build up their knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live – past, present and future. Our curriculum provides our children with engaging learning experiences, which excites their imagination and challenges them. Through its creativity and flexibility, our curriculum optimises new learning opportunities that may present themselves while teaching children key skills and attitudes that encourages, ‘out of the box’ thinking and risk-taking.


We have devised a curriculum that is question-based, allowing for an enquiry-led approach. We believe that this allows children to take an active part in their own learning. Our curriculum meets the specific needs of the children here at Oldmixon Primary School. Our target groups e.g. pupil premium and SEND are elevated to ensure rapid progress and our curriculum structure is of paramount importance to achieve that goal. The teaching and learning of our school is of a high standard and well-planned and delivered so every child, regardless of ability, is supported and challenged. This provides wonderful opportunities for all of our children to be engaged and self-motivated, learning both within and beyond the classroom, with others and independently.


Our curriculum is outward looking and embraces our wider community. Our enquiry-led approach, gives relevance and meaning to objectives from individual subject areas – Science, History, Geography- so that our children are able to make links between different areas of learning and practice and apply skills in different settings. Learning always includes first hand experiences, often in the local community but also beyond. There are regular opportunities for parents to be involved in the children’s learning. We believe these opportunities enhance our children’s social and emotional development, promote democracy skills and allow our children to realise that they can impact positively on the world in which they live.


Based firmly in the latest research, our curriculum incorporates the latest innovations and pedagogy. We work with other schools within our MAT, our teaching school and across the country, to ensure we maintain a world-class curriculum. Our curriculum is designed collaboratively, with all stakeholders – children, staff and community working together, to ensure our provision is reviewed and reflected upon regularly. This allows us to provide all of our children with the relevant skills and knowledge needed to develop into responsible, respectful and compassionate life-long learners. 


If you need to know any more about the curriculum, please contact the school for further information.