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We love to read at Oldmixon!

We provide a range of opportunities to ensure all of our children develop a life-long love of reading.


Book Awards

Every Friday during our celebration assembly children who have excelled in their learning are rewarded with brand new book. We hope that eventually, over time, children will leave with a personal 'library' of books. Visiting the Library

Throughout the school day we have timetabled sessions so that our children can access the library. The library is open during morning play, lunchtime and after school. Each time a child visits the library they receive a special raffle ticket. Every Friday during our celebration assembly, a name is drawn. The winning ticket entitles a family to a special reading box. This reading box includes hot chocolate, marshmallow, a box of biscuits as well as a selection of books for all the family to enjoy during the week!



Poetry and Reading Assemblies

Every Thursday morning our staff team lead an assembly around the theme of 'reading'. It is a unique opportunity to expose our children to range of short stories and quality poems that we can enjoy together!

Term 1: Poetry

Term 2: Traditional Tales

Term 3:

Term 4:

Term 5:

Term 6:


Year group story time



Reading Areas in our classrooms