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Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Personal, social and emotional development is a key factor in a child's journey through nursery.

As staff we aim to be positive role models within the nursery setting to support your child's development.


Personal Development is based upon children's obtainment of knowledge, individual personal skills, their ability to think and the way in which they perceive themselves. 


Social Development: How we come to understand ourselves in relation to others, how we make friends, understand the rules of society and behave towards others. 


Emotional Development: Having feelings, understanding them and having the ability to feel empathy towards others and their feelings.


We have established a daily routine to help the children to feel safe and secure with rules and guidelines that the children help to develop. This routine can be flexible to support the children's needs.



We provide a rich learning environment for the children to explore the world around them, we encourage them to try new things and to be curious and we praise their achievements.




We model affectionate, kind and generous behaviour when interacting with the children and with other adults within the setting and share our feelings to help children develop empathy for others.


There are daily opportunities for children to play with others their own age and we encourage sharing, taking turns, listening to others, sharing ideas and how to resolve any conflict in a calm way.




Here are a few tips to help develop your child's personal, social and emotional development at home:


  * Show love and affection to your child. Hug, cuddle, read and talk with them throughout the day.


  * Encourage your child to try new things. Help them to see what they are capable of and let them know how        pleased you  are with their achievements.


 * Give your child plenty of opportunities to play.


 * Show your feelings, let them see if you are happy, sad, excited, frustrated etc.


 * Establish a routine, this will help to build your child's confidence 


 * Acknowledge your child's feelings, encourage them to talk about how they feel. Give comfort when your 

    child is upset and encourage them to comfort others. 



If you would like any help or guidance with your child's development then please ask a member of staff smiley