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We would like our school to be a special place where:


  • Everyone feels welcome.
  • Everyone helps, listens to, and forgives each other.
  • Good behaviour is promoted and rewarded.
  • Learning is fun – though we know it will be hard at times.
  • Everything is cared for and kept clean, tidy and orderly.
  • Staff care for and respect our opinions, concerns and worries.
  • Everyone views bullying, teasing and name calling as unacceptable.
  • All children’s individual needs should be treated equally and with understanding
  • Religious and racial diversity is appreciated and tolerance of other peoples views is developed
  • Creative and innovative thinking is nurtured and supported


Our behaviour policies enable this to happen.

To read our full policy and our behaviour expectations for children, staff, governors and parents please go to: Policies and look for our behaviour and our nursery behaviour policies.