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Nursery 3/4 2018/2019

WC - 8/7/19


Our under the sea theme has been popular with the children. They have enjoyed lots of water play and learning about different sea creatures. 

We have created a very colourful display with all of the children's work. 


Thank you for all of your support at our sponsored obstacle course event. We raised a massive £441 to buy new resources for the nursery. 






Sports day pm 







Sports day: Sponsored obstacle course ( am) 









How to be healthy is our topic for the next few weeks. The children have been creating plates of food using collage materials and writing healthy shopping lists. 

We have been exploring which foods are fruits and which are vegetables, we played an 'odd one out' game and the children are very good at deciding which was the odd one out from a group of fruits and vegetables. 

The carrot club has been our favourite story and the children have asked for it every day. 

We have learnt a new song called hot potato this week, the children find it really funny and love joining in with the actions. Find it on YouTube it's sung by the Wiggles. 

As the weather is now heating up please remember to put sun cream on your children before Pre-School and bring a hat 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞



WC- 24/6/19


Following on from the story 'The 3 little pigs' that the children had chosen, it was suggested by them afterwards that we should, "Build some houses like the pigs."   "Make some houses using bricks."

"Get straws and blow house down." "Maybe go find sticks and build house."   "We can be wolf and blow houses down."  

The children were very engaged and interested in continuing on from the story to create their own houses, lots of language was used as they shared ideas and they all listened as each of them spoke.

First we built a house of straws using cello tape to hold them together, this encouraged the children's hand strength, coordination and perseverance.  

The children all decided we could go outside to find sticks to collect so we could make the house of sticks.  One child suggested, "To find sticks we have to look under trees because they fall off."  

So that's just what we did.   

Working together the children collected sticks and again used tape to hold them together.

Finally back inside we built houses using bricks, exploiting how to build and balance to create a strong structure.

Placing all of the houses together we discussed which house we thought would blow away and which might be the strongest.

"I think that straws will blow away."    "Them sticks will fall down."  "The sticks won't blow away they hard."

"The bricks are so strong, can't blow them away."

We all pretended to be a wolf and took turns blowing the houses, the children soon realised the brick house was the strongest and the other two houses were weaker as they fell over.

Lots of fun was had during this spontaneous activity it was lovely to see all the children so interested and involved.






WC- 17/6/19


We are continuing with our theme of holidays and looking at how we get to our holiday destination. We have explored lots of different transport and talked about the different vehicles we have travelled on. 

We have created shape pictures of transport using simple 2D shapes, the children are getting really good at recognising the different shapes. 

We have been singing songs about different transport, we really enjoy our own version of ' She'll be coming around the mountain'. 

We had lots of fun measuring how far different toy vehicles travelled when rolled down a slope, the dustbin lorry travelled the furthest. 

Some of the children have spent time drawing roads on the playground and driving the toy vehicles along them, this was a lovely activity to encourage mark making. 







W/C- 10/6/2019


During a discussion the children came up with an idea that they wanted to 'go real camping' and make a real tent, so we agreed that's just what we would do.   Finding the tent bag the children were very excited to get started, they eagerly took out the contents of the tent and worked together to figure out how to connect the poles and how to roll out the tent.   It was lovely to see them all talking and sharing ideas of how to make the tent.  

Once the tent was put up we sat inside and discussed what we might need to complete our camping experience, the children suggested, "We need cushion and blanket so can sleep."    "Think need torch so it not dark and can shine light."   "You know we have to make camp fire to get warm."  "We cook food on fire."

Having shared these ideas the children then went off to find items within the room to fulfill their camping experience and to continue role playing.  






Today the children have been introduced to a new game to encourage them to begin recognising numerals 1-10.   It was modelled to them how to choose a card with a numeral on to then know how many figures to add to the tent.    The children quickly understood what to do and chose a numbered card, some children recognised the numeral, for those that didn't I would tell them the number for them to repeat.   They then counted out the correct amount of figures to match the numeral.   The children showed a lot of interest in the activity and a can do attitude to achieve the challenge of matching quantity to numeral.   




Holidays is our topic for the next two weeks and this week we have been focusing on camping. We have transformed the role play area into a campsite and it has encouraged some lovely imaginative play. We have learnt some new songs around the campfire and we have practised our listening skills for the story 'Maisie goes camping' 

We have worked as a team whilst den building and used our problem solving skills to decide the most effective way to construct it. 

During circle time we have had lots of discussions about the things we would take on our holidays and we used this knowledge to play our 'pack my suitcase' activity. 

We will be continuing our holiday theme next week by exploring transport and ways to travel on holiday. 














WC- 3/6/2019

the children have settled back at preschool very well, we have welcomed some new children who are happily learning our routines and making new friends. 

This week we have had fun painting, building with lots of different construction materials, threading pasta and cheerios, engaging in imaginative play with the dolls house, pirate ship and dinosaurs and riding our new bicycles outside. 

We have listened to lots of stories, one of our favourites is " if you go walking in tiger wood". We are starting to focus and listen to longer stories now. 

We have been singing lots of songs and we have had fun playing "isn't it funny how bears like honey" ask your children how to play it. 

Next week we will be starting our "Camping" topic and our home corner is already developing into a campsite. 






WC- 20/5/19 


This is is our final week with our book topic Handa's Surprise. We have explored the different fruits from the story. We tasted different fruits and recorded if we liked or disliked them. The children were very good at trying things they had never tasted before. They described the persimmon fruit saying it looked like " a pumpkin" and " a peach" many of the children and myself had never tried this fruit, all but one of the children said they liked it. We have been practicing cutting up fruit and understand how to do it safely. 

We explored different ways to mark make, they loved drawing on paper underneath the table. 

We have enjoyed lots of outdoor play in the lovely sunny weather and the children are learning about why we have to put on sun cream and wear hats when the sun is shining ☀️ ☀️☀️

Enjoy your half term and we will see you in a week 😊










We are continuing with our African theme this week. We have explored the sounds of African instruments and enjoyed tapping out simple rhythms. We have looked closely at African patterns and found lots of beautiful colours, swirls, zigzags and spots. We have created pictures based on the patterns we found on the different African animals. 

We are getting very good at recognising our names and many of us can now copy some of the letters. We encourage mark making in lots of fun ways including using different writing tools and providing different resources including painting, shaving foam, rice, sand, glitter. This week we have been using the light box with sand to mark make and form letters. 

We have been retelling our story Handa's Surprise ask us what happens to Handa's fruit. 












Our book topic this week is Handa's Surprise. The book introduces us to Africa and different types of African animals and exotic fruit. 

This week we have transformed our role play area into a jungle, the children have been really engaged pretending to be different animals and taking care of the range of stuffed toy animals. Some of the children have used the area as a quiet place to relax and look at books. 

We explored a pineapple this week. The children held it, smelt it, described it and then drew some fantastic pictures of it. Some of the descriptions were " it's spiky" ( some of the children pronounced it "spicy") " it smells yummy and sweet", " it won't hurt my fingers, it not that spiky" the pineapple encouraged some lovely language from the children. We will be looking at other exotic fruit over the next few weeks. 











This week we have been reading the book Elmer. We have explored all of the colours and different sized squares. 

We have talked about similarities and differences about each other and explored patterns in the story. The children are very good at retelling the story, ask them about it. 

We ended the week with an Elmer day party. We made invitations and wore brightly coloured clothes. We had our faces painted with different patterns, played party games and had some yummy party food. We love Elmer at preschool. 








WC: 1-4-19


We have been continuing to learn all about Spring this week. We have been on a hunt for blossom around the gardens and used a camera to take photos of the blossom that we found. We are getting very good at using the camera and were very proud of the photographs. We then made blossom using our finger prints and sticking scrunched up tissue onto card. 

We have had fun making lots of Easter crafts including an Easter wreath, a card and mark making shapes and patterns on lots of different sized eggs. We have been practicing recognising and writing our names.

Our tadpoles have gone on holiday to Mrs Abraham's house and will hopefully be frogs soon. 

Have a wonderful Easter. See you on Tuesday 23rd April. 






WC- 25-3-19


We are learning all about Spring this week. We have been on a nature walk and looked at the buds growing on the trees and the different flowers we can see. We collected daisies, dandelions and buttercups to count and sort. 

Our tadpoles are growing well and we have been feeding them boiled lettuce, the children all agreed it smelt " horrible, yucky, disgusting, stinky," 

The caterpillars are now in their cocoons and it won't be long until we have butterflies. 

We have turned our home corner into an ice cream parlour which has encouraged lovely role play and language. 

We have again been making the most of the lovely sunny weather with lots of outdoor play. 

Happy Mothers Day to our lovely Mummies.





WC-  11-3-19


We are continuing with our topic The very hungry caterpillar. The children are very interested in how big our caterpillars have grown, one child said " they are going to be massive". The children have used wonderful language when talking about the caterpillars such as they are " wiggly, spiky, furry, big, tiny, crawly, messy, funny, hungry." 

As part of our topic we have been talking about healthy and unhealthy food. The children are starting to understand which foods are healthy and we should eat every day and which foods are unhealthy and we should only eat occasionally. We are going to taste lots of healthy foods.

We are very lucky to have some frogspawn in preschool and we are learning about the lifecycle of a frog alongside watching out caterpillars grow. 

As well as all of our topic activities we have been practising our name recognition and forming some letters in our names and learning the days of the week. 

We had lots of fun colour mixing. We guessed what colours would appear when we mixed two different colours together.

Because of the awful weather this week we had a group yoga session. The children really enjoyed stretching and breathing in time to a chime bell.



WC- 4-3-19


what a busy week we have had! Our topic is The Very Hungry Caterpillar and we have been learning all about the lifecycle of a butterfly. 

We have some real caterpillars that we are growing and we are super excited to see them make their cocoons and eventually hatch as beautiful butterflies. The children have been very careful when handling the caterpillars and know they need to be gentle and very quiet. 

We are enjoying retelling the story using our home made hungry caterpillar. We have talked about our favourite foods and which foods are healthy and unhealthy. 

We used potatos to print caterpillars and will soon be painting beautiful butterflies. 

Hopefully the weather will be nice next week for our bug hunt. 




.  WC- 11-2-19




This week love is in the air as we have been talking about the things we love and things that are special to us. We have discussed how we can be kind and what an act of kindness might be. 

We have made lots of heart shaped art work and counted and sorted hearts. We loved making our "love bugs" We definitely know what a heart shape is now. ❤️💙💜💛




We we have been exploring floating and sinking. We put different objects into a tube, filled it with water and guessed if the object would float or sink. 















This week in pre-school we have been learning the story, "Bear's Scare" by Jacob Grant.


We have been learning about spiders! What do you know about spiders?



 " Spiders have 8 legs"- Paris            


 " Spiders have eyes"- Elsie


" Spiders have lots and lots of legs"-Tayah


"Spiders make spider webs!" - Amelia



We have been making spiders using paper and goggly eyes. We are learning to count using one to one correspondence. We had out eight legs. We continue to practise and develop our fine motor skills by threading, finger painting, squeezing and more.