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Year 6 2019/2020

Week 8

In science this week the children took part in an experiment to understand how certain adaptations help living things to survive. The children learnt about Charles Darwin's Galapagos Island Finches which he studied while on his voyage aboard the HMS Beagle. During the experiment the children used objects to simulate beaks, they collected different food types and collected the results. The children then wrote about their findings. 





In Art this week the children have used different media (Water colour paint and charcoal) to create Autumn pictures. 






Thank you to all the parents/carers who were able to attend our Year 6 showcase, we hope you enjoyed sharing your inspirational people and eating the delicious cakes, made by the children. 






Week 7


Year 6 took part in a workshop run by two PCSO'S from our community. During the workshop the children were taught about the importance of believing in themselves, keeping safe, not being judgmental and how to report crimes. 


"They told us to be calm, honest and controlled when dealing with the Police."


"We played a game where we learnt about not judging people by their appearance or character"


"I learnt that it doesn't matter what gender you are, you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it."

The children asked some interesting questions and fully took part in the discussions. 


This week the children finished their fantastic rosettes, which are now on display in the school hall. 





Week 6


Educational visit to London


The children in Year 6 had the opportunity to visit London, this is linked to our Enquiry this term. While they were there the visited The Houses of Parliament and went on the London Eye. 

The children went into the House of Commons and enjoyed learning new facts.



This weeks inspirational person has been Emmeline Pankhurst, the children have read about her tireless efforts to change the law and allow women to vote. They learnt about the suffragettes and the impact they had. 


In DT the children have designed and started to make their own rosettes which follows on from our Enquiry work on inspirational people.   





On Tuesday the children had the opportunity to take part in a skateboarding workshop where they were taught how to stand onto the board, do trick and travel safely. 







Week 5


This week the children have been learning about Martin Luther King, reading extracts from his biography and his famous speech 'I Have a Dream'. The children then thought about what their dreams maybe and wrote their own I Have a Dream statements. 


The children presented their finished powerpoints on characteristics of dinosaurs, these were fantastic and the children found out a variety of interesting facts.




Week 4


The children are very lucky to be able to learn to play the trumpet this year. They have been learning how to hold the trumpet, use the mouth piece and play the note C.



In Science this week the children have been building on their knowledge of fossils and dinosaurs, researching the charateristics of dinosaurs and finding out why they had certain characteristics. The children then produced a powerpoint presentation to show their findings. 



In English we have been finding out about Nelson Mandela.

Why was he such an inspirational person? 

Week 3


This week we have been learning about the famous author Roald Dahl, reading extracts from his books and writing biographies about him. 

We were very lucky on Tuesday to have an author visit us. Her name is Jenny McLachlan, she talked about her past and why she decided to write a book. The children acted out parts of the story during the assembly and had the opportunity to ask her questions. 










Week 2


What a fantastic week we've had, getting to know each other, new routines and discussing our rules for the coming year.

This week in English we have looked at the book Flotsam, focusing on some key questions. 

  • What can I see?
  • What can I infer?
  • I wonder...

Image result for flotsam


Plastic Pollution is a hot topic in Year 6 and we have researched and produced poster highlighting the effects on our World. 




Health Squad


Today the children took part in a session about keeping healthy, looking at the heart, how it works and its functions. The children then had a basketball session where they were taught new skills.