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Free printables from artist Emma Paxton

Artist Emma Paxton has created some Fun and playful Covid-19 printables which she is sharing for free.

  • For parents working at home, a fun set of printable cards for remote meetings –How many times have you scribbled ‘turn the sound on’ and waved it at the camera??

  • Secondly, an inspiring `This Won’t be Forever` Poster available in colour and as a colouring in sheet.

  • Thirdly, `Stay at Home Well Being Bingo

Click to download:


#DrawwithRob-Rob Biddulph


Please look at the website. Rob shows children how to draw pictures, such as; self portraits, aliens and unicorns, but there are many more to see!

Virtual tours of Art Galleries and Museums


Have a look at some of these famous galleries and museums, you can view virtual tours :

  • What can you see?
  • What is your favourite place out of the tours?
  • Draw a picture of a piece of art you see.


The Louvre

Travel to Paris, France to see amazing works of art at The Louvre with this virtual trip. 

Click here for a more general view of the building.

Van Gogh Museum

At the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands, you can get up close and personal with the impressionist painter's most famous work.

Tate Art Galleries

View and find out about over 70,000 works of art from the various Tate Art Galleries around the UK.

There is also a Tate website dedicated to children where they can explore, make or take part in games and quizzes.

National Gallery, London

Get a dose of art and culture thanks to the virtual tour on offer from the National Gallery in London. Tour the rooms and wings and zoom in on the artwork to see some of the highlights.

Art and craft ideas  


Below are some fun,simple art activities for you to try at home. You will not need lots of equipment just lots of creative spirit and enthusiasm. Remember to share your creations by sending them to your class email address.


Make your own paper train 



  • Colour your train in. All the grey tabs will be used to stick the different parts of the train together and won’t show in the completed model, so you don’t need to colour them in (but you can if you want!)
  • If you want to make it studier, stick the template to a piece of cardboard, but paper is fine too
  • Cut out all the pieces
  • Fold all the tabs down, and fold along all the lines of the design
  • Stick the tab labelled “C” to the edge of the piece above labelled “C”
  • Then stick the two tabs labelled “A” and “B” (at the top of the train sides) to the corresponding two sides of the piece labelled “A” and “B”
  • From here, make the 3D train, sticking down the grey tabs to create the model in the top right corner of the first sheet
  • The piece at the bottom of the second sheet is the train’s funnel, and goes on top of the front of the train, above the “c2c”





Paper Pinwheel 


You will need

  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Craft paper or recycled paper (squares)
  • 1 straw per pinwheel
  • 1 pushpin per pinwheel
  • Optional: ruler


  1. Using a ruler, mark the center of your square paper with a pencil. If you do not have a ruler, you can eyeball the center pretty easily. Next use your ruler to draw a diagonal line from each corner of the paper, halfway to the center dot you just made. Note: If you are using printed paper, where one side is white and the other has a pattern, make sure you draw the lines on the white side of the paper.
  2. Use the scissors to cut down the diagonal lines you just marked on your paper.
  3. Use the scissors to cut down the diagonal lines you just marked on your paper.
  4. Hold the pushpin with gathered points in one hand tightly and use your other hand to push the remainder of the pin through a straw. We used paper craft straws for these pinwheels but you could also attach your pinwheel to a plastic straw or a pencil. Once your pushpin is through the straw, use a little bit of masking tape to make sure no little fingers get stuck by the pin.


How to draw a robot


You will need

  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Colouring pencils or pens



  1. Draw a rectangle body.
  2. Add a rectangle head and neck lines.
  3. Draw two matching legs and feet.
  4. Draw two curved arms with hands.
  5. Add details to the head and neck.
  6. Add details to the head and neck.
  7. Draw details on the body
  8. Add lines to the legs.
  9. Trace with a marker and color.



Some useful Art websites..