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Welcome to Reception!


Here is our class page where you will find all of the lovely things we do in our classroom & outdoor environment.


The adults in our room are Mrs Clements, Miss Joles, Miss Belcher and Miss Wilson.


We are going for gold with our high frequency words! This week we have participated in tricky word bingo which has been a huge hit. The children have enjoyed going off after and taking turns independently to be the bingo caller!

We went on a walk to explore the frost and ice this morning! Reception had fun creating their names with sticks and objects. 🥶 🧊 

Miss Joles has had some super results with her boat model activity. 🛶 


The children used cardboard boxes and cut them to the shape of a boat. They then focused on the flange join. The results were seriously impressive! They then proudly put their boats on our classroom display!

The children thought about Noi’s journey at sea. They created a map to pinpoint the various areas and landmarks Noi visited in the story, such as the lighthouse. 


We had a wonderful time watching Cinderella at the pantomime show this morning! Ask your child what their favourite part of the show was! 👠🧚🏼✨

We are continuing our ‘Storm Whale’ theme with a list of whale food and thinking about what they would like to eat.  The children are becoming accustomed using their phoneme fists to help them hear and write the sounds in a word!

We also had a go at re-telling the story by making a whale puppet! This involved using tissue paper to tear and using a range of tools.

The penguins wrote a letter to us! They needed our help! Look at how we used our imaginations and worked as team to create a house for them!

The children have been enhancing their subitising skills by playing Dominoes! They worked really well to match them.


They have also been recognising numbers by playing a track game in pairs. They carefully made the correct number of jumps and looked at what the number on the dice said and also what number they landed on!


Welcome back! We wish you a healthy and happy 2022.


What a fun-filled first week back! We are reading our new book ‘The Storm Whale in Winter’. 🐳 


We have written a list of sea creatures and working hard to perfect our letter formation. 

In addition to this, we have painted our very own lighthouses like the one that appeared in the story! 

The children used the guided reading time to think of what happens in the season of winter. ❄️ 

Amelia said, “I need my coat and hat as it’s cold outside.”


Billy said, “You might see snowflakes.”


We then discussed the three ways we can read a story; through the pictures, reading the words and retelling the story. They then enjoyed a seasonal book, looking at what they could see and what is happening in the illustrations. 

The children attempted to make their own sea scene with the water colours. We remembered to hold our paintbrush effectively and used black pens to make our creatures stand out. 

Look at our number formation! 😃

We used the rhymes to help us and then practised on our whiteboards.

Autumn 2 Curriculum Map


The whole school has been in Xmas mode! We added baubles to our B&Q donated tree and have been rehearsing the Christmas production! 🎄 


They have worked particularly hard on remembering their lines, songs, dance moves and using the stage for the first time! 💃 🎵 

What a fantastic show the children put on for everyone! 👏 

Here are some pictures of them in their festive costumes!



📕 We enjoyed a visit from Fred the therapy dog! 🐾 We took turns to read our book to him and afterwards Fred had a biscuit and brush for good listening!👂 


🥣 We are learning our new story ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’. The children used their phoneme fingers to hear and say the sounds in the word p o t. They then had a go at writing the word and decorating their porridge pots! 

We also drew a story map to assist us in our learning. This helped us retell the story in the correct order and build our language.

✉️ We received an exciting letter this morning. Mrs Clements read it out to us. The little girl in the story, Rose, required our help! We put our thinking hats on and thought of ways we could help her. 🎩 🤔 

We have also been enjoying making our own recipes in the environment with a magic porridge pot! 

We have been introducing magnetic boards to our learning. This aids our visual memory of the letter names and sounds we have been learning and also help us make words to blend together!

Reception are continuing to work out which has more and which has fewer with a variety of items. We are becoming experts in this!


We are going for gold with our name writing! We have been trying in a variety of different ways! 

We are learning to distinguish between ‘more’ and ‘fewer’. Mrs Clements demonstrated with items in the hoop and we had to work out which hoop had more and which had fewer.

We have been noticing changes when making a hedgehog cake! 😋 

First, we added water to the icing. We then used our food colouring to try and make it brown and observed the changes. We then attempted to snap the chocolate buttons and stick them in the cake to create the spines. Finally, we added white chocolate drops for the eyes and ate our delicious hedgehog cakes! 


This week we are focusing on the relevance of the poppy to Rememberance Day. We talked about what it meant to be a soldier at war and what the 3 colours red, black and green symbolised. The children made beautiful paper plate poppies which are proudly on display in the hall. 

We are having a look at recording quantities and introduced to a tally chart. We used the apples from the story to record the amount next to it. 🍎 

We are learning to thread. We looked at how to thread by going in and out of the holes around the hedgehog. The children then had their attempt! 


What a super first week back! We are looking at our new book, ‘The Very Helpful Hedgehog.’🦔 

The children have been using repetition to learn the story by making hedgehog puppets! 

During the story the apples land near the hedgehog and he is helpful by giving them to a friend, the donkey! 🍎 🍏 

For our Maths activity we are beginning to understand the concept of ‘more’ and ‘fewer’ by sorting the fruit and vegetables into two groups. We looked at which had more and which had fewer! 

The children have been exploring a variety of artistic effects. They have been manipulating the clay to create their own hedgehogs! They have also used forks and paint to create the spines for a hedgehog print!

Here is our curriculum map with all the prime and specific areas of learning we will be covering in the Autumn. 


We have been practising our name writing and focusing on forming our letters. Included in your child’s reading journal is a name writing sheet so you can practise at home! ✍️ 🏡 

We are also enjoying becoming excellent story detectives and can read independently through the pictures. 
We can speak about what the characters are saying, what will happen next and if we can relate to the book through our real life experiences. Finally, we had a go at retelling the story! 📕 

We have been learning that if we mix two colours together we can create a new colour! 🎨 


We have also been retelling the story of, ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ through a story map. First, we discussed what a ‘journey’ was. Then we drew pictures of the various places the characters visited in the story. ❄️ ☔️ 🌳 


Today we listened to Miss Joles read us a story called ‘Leaf Man’. 🍁 We then wrote a mind map on what we would make with a selection of leaves. Later, we went outside exploring our environment and going on a leaf hunt!

The children made a wonderful selection of artistic pictures, with butterflies and other insects made with their creations! 🍃 


In Maths this week, we are learning to use objects to represent a number. The children were practising counting out the corresponding number of bears to go with the number on the dice.


We are also enhancing our subitising skills using pieces of numicon. We took turns to roll the dice and find the corresponding numicon.

👩‍🍳 We have had a fantastic time making biscuits and talking about the changes we noticed. We mixed all our ingredients up and then baked our biscuits in the oven. It was then discussed what we thought had changed prior to baking. Afterwards, we decorated them with the icing sugar and topped them with sprinkles! 🌟 

We have begun our new story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ 🐻 

The children had a go at retelling the story through pictures. This helped their repetition with communication and language. 

We are exploring the natural world around us. The children had great fun discussing all the things the characters have to walk through. They removed their socks and shoes and explored the sensory trays! ❄️ 🌳 🌾

We also had lots of fun making bear prints! First, we drew around our feet with pens on large paper. Next, we cut around our prints with the scissors. Finally, we added claws for a bear effect! 


We are beginning to understand that print has meaning. We read the instructions and followed them to make porridge. We sat at the table to eat together & thought about whether our porridge was too hot or too cold like the bears in the story! 🥣  🔥 🥶 🐻 

We have been on a Welly walk to explore the natural world around us.  👣 

First, we had a discussion on what we know about Autumn. Next, we went for a stroll to see what we could spot on the big field. We noticed the leaves are changing colour and we are now aware they are starting to fall off due to the change in season! 🍁 🍂 


This week we have been started our new story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.

We have been ordering numbers to 5 and trying to recognise the recognise the numerals on the bears. We have also been using language for various sized bears: biggest, medium, smallest.


We have been developing our small motor skills by using our knives and forks correctly and practising our table manners. We had a great time eating the tasty beans on toast! 

We enjoyed making our bears and using a range of tools. The children used paper plates, paint, brushes, scissors and paper to create their masterpieces!


In Maths this week we had a tasty treat! 😋 The children tried really hard to recite to 20 and then lined up some delicious chocolate buttons ready to touch and count as they go. Of course, they were gobbled up after! 

We are beginning to learn our sounds in Phonics! The children are learning a new sound each day and showing great focus attempting to form the letters on their whiteboards. 


Our first week has been amazing! The children are venturing out into their new setting and interacting beautifully with their peers. 
We have been learning about our new routines and rules for school and enjoying lots of playing and settling in.