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Literacy in Nursery is a combination of early reading, pre writing skills and early phonics.


Within our setting we have a quiet, comfortable, reading area for the children to look at a range of fiction and non fiction books, story sacks and story trays. We have a writing area stocked with lots of interesting resources inviting the children to mark make.





Here is what early reading and phonics looks like in Nursery. 






Early writing

Pre writing skills are essential for a child to develop the ability to hold and move a pencil fluently, this will eventually lead to future writing. Within the child's physical development they are provided with a wide range of fine motor activities to strengthen fingers and hands before the writing journey begins.


We provide many opportunities to explore mark making both inside and outside of the classroom. Chalk, pens, paint, mud, brushes, sponges, mops, sticks, feathers, pom poms and leaves are all great examples of resources that we use to make marks with.


Children sometimes need encouragement to make marks and we aim to capture the child's imagination by making these activities both interesting and fun. Making marks doesn't have to be boring!!!


Gross motor skills and core strength are developed by mark making on a large easel or wall and by laying on the floor to draw on large sheets of paper on the ground, or paper on the underside of a table.

Fine motor skills are developed by using a pincer grip to pick up smaller objects to make marks with.


As the children develop their mark making skills we encourage them to think about the marks and maybe give meaning to their creations. The adults in our setting model writing daily and explain what we are doing.





If you would like any help or guidance with your child's development then please ask a member of staff smiley