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Year 3

                             Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. Here you will see all our fun learning for this year! This term our topics are the Leaf by Sandra Diekmann and the human body


Our homework and reading homework is given out on a Thursday. We will need our P.E. kits on a Tuesday and Friday



Week 1

This week we have started our new book called Leaf. The children have written some descriptive writing, diary entries and even a wanted poster for the polar bear. We have been thinking about the feelings of all the characters and how they differ this week. We have also had a go at writing some haiku poems! 


In maths, we have started looking at shape. We have been investigating the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and we have even had a go at building 3D shapes using a range of materials! The children were very excited to be able to used marshmallows for maths! 





In our enquiry lessons, we practiced our map work and researched different species of bear so we could plot their habitat on a map. We learnt many interesting facts. Did you know there is a sloth bear? Sloth bears originally were thought to be sloths but researchers discovered they were actually bears! Did you know there is such a bear called a spectacle bear? Because its markings make them look like they are wearing glasses!

We have also been using clay this week. We practiced manipulating the clay, cutting and carving designs. This is to match the theme of our story. The children had a go at many different types of leaves. 



On Friday, we had a visit from Mr Hynes and Mr Barnes. We played some rugby and also got to learn about the nutrition and healthy eating chart. 



Week 2

What an exciting start to our week! We have started our topic about capacity in maths and we have been learning to read scales. We were given the challenge to make an invisibility potion for Leaf so he can escape the island! We had to make sure our measurements were exact so that it didn't go wrong! We used ingredients such as frogs scales, blended stars and Christmas cheer. 



We have continued learning new skills in art this week by painting our clay leaves. We mixed different colours in order to blend the colours so they looked like the ones the illustrator has drawn in our book Leaf. 



We also developed our ICT skills this week by making a poster about Global Warming. We learnt how to cut and paste and how to change the font and colour our wriitng. 



Week 3

An exciting week so far! We have finished our book about Leaf and thankfully he found his way home! We discussed the moral of the story and discussed why we should talk or help our friends if they are feeling lonely. This allowed us to write a recipe for the perfect friend! We had spoonfuls of kindness, a hilarious sense of humour and also buckets of happiness! 


In maths, we have moved onto mass. We have been discovering grams in a kilogram and we now able to convert between the two and order and compare different amounts of mass.


We have started our challenge for our first enquiry! We need to design a raft or flying invention in order to help Leaf get home. We have planned our designs and also started to make them this week. 


We had a session of music this week. We learnt to clap to different beats and ryhthms and also had to adjust our speed based on the speed of the trumpet!



Last week, we designed our own experiments on how to explore how ice melts. We came up with many different ideas such as using hair dryers or putting ice in different materials. We got to try out our experiments! We found the hottest setting melted the ice quicker but it could depend on the speed of the dryer. We also found that paper is useless at melting ice! Cameron, Summer and Jack found that the hotter the water, the quicker the ice cube melts.



In Year 3 we like to try out our new questions! Some of our children wondered how long it would take for an ice cube to melt in our mouths! The quickest was 45s but the longest was over 2 minutes, why could this  be?


As you can see, they were extremely cold!


Week 4

We have been working very hard in Year 3 this week! 

We had another music lesson this week where we had fun looking at music dynamics and different rhythms. We also learnt how to find the beat of a song. 



In enquiry, we have started a new topic all about the human body and nutrition! We had our WOW on Monday where we went outside and drew around ourselves. Our challenge was to draw all the bones in the body. It was very interesting, some of us thought we had only one bone in our leg! But after some research and discussion we learnt that we have 3 bones! 

We then had a chance to build a skeleton in our teams and we had lots of interesting debates. 





Also in science we have been learning how to classify. We looked at lots of different skeletons and classified them into different categories. Some of us chose the amount of legs, some of us chose the length of the vertebrae and some of us chose whether we could see ribs or not. 



After a long week of assessments this week, we had a go at using drama within maths! We were all given a different aspect of maths which we had to show through either drama or a song! Here is what some of the groups came up with. 


We also enjoyed another fun session of rugby through our tackling health programme! We also got a chance to look at how much sugar is in some of our favourite foods! 



Week 5

This week we have continued to read Creepy Carrots! We have created some poems to show how carrots really are everywhere! Here are two of them by Alfie and Maya. 



In maths, we have been using this week to recap all our previous knowledge. We have been looking at statistics, time and even designing a playground using perimeter! 



We had another fantastic session with Bex and the forever sport team this week. We have been really enjoying tag rugby! We practiced our dodging and changing direction skills this week. 



We also had our first ever IntoUniversity session today. We learnt all about different careers and what they involve. We are already excited to get to know the team throughout our time at Oldmixon!



As part of our Tackling Health programme with Bristol Bears, we have been learning all about how to keep ourselves healthy, which has worked brilliantly with our enquiry learning! This week was our last session, but we had a special surprise! We were allowed to make smoothies! We were given two ingredients and we were allowed to choose one more. At the end, we mixed all our smoothies to together to make a potion! What a healthy afternoon of rugby and fruit we had! 





This week is sports week and we have been up to so many exciting activities! 

On Monday, we had an archery taster session and learnt how to place the arrow on the bow and aim at a target.



In the afternoon, we had a talk about weightlifting and got to ask many different questions. We learnt that there are two types of lift and also it is part of the olympics! Ask your child what they learnt about weightlifting. 


On Tuesday, we took part in walking football. It was a challenge to stick to walking but we had great fun and learnt how important walking football can be to people who are unable to run!


On Wednesday, we went to the beach. We took part in many different activities such as limbo, rounders, beach volleyball and sand sculpting! It was hot, but we had an excellent day and the children were beautifully behaved. 



On Thursday, we had our sports day. We took part in lots of different activities and we all tried our best!



To finish our sports week, two gymnasts came to speak to us. They showed us videos of some of their routines and also talked to us about their careers and achievements. We asked lots of interesting questions. We also got the chance to hold their medals and watch them do some skills!